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Glenn Hagele
My name is Glenn Hagele and I live in Sacramento California. I am the founder and Executive Director of the Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance (, a nonprofit patient advocacy that provides information about LASIK and similar laser eye surgery.

As an independent consultant since 1982 with Creative Marketing Design (CMD), I participated in several different facets of the healthcare industry. I was responsible for the start-up of a managed services organization (MSO) in Detroit and a specialist independent practitioner association (IPA) in Sacramento. The Sacramento IPA required the recruitment of over 700 medical and allied healthcare professionals for a statewide vision services provider panel. As Chief Operating Officer of the IPA I negotiated capitated reimbursement agreements with several of the nation's largest health maintenance organizations (HMO).

From 1993 through 1995 I was the Director of Provider Contracting for Healthdent of California, Inc. In this position I was responsible for all allied health provider agreements within a dental HMO. I recruited the appropriate providers at specific geographic locations and accommodated all regulatory agency concerns. I completed development an integrated relational database software program to track Healthdent's provider panel needs during his tenure at Healthdent. I was Project Manager of the team that created an analysis of provider reimbursement and developed a new pricing structure for Healthdent's seven beneficiary plans based upon utilization trends.

With CMD's own Senior VisionCare program, I created a preferred provider organization (PPO) active in 19 states from 1986 through 1995. Senior VisionCare allowed the waiver of Medicare deductible and co-payment. This product required creative and detailed analysis of federal Medicare regulations. Senior VisionCare withstood the scrutiny of the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services without a single negative evaluation.

I am married with five children, one girl and four boys. I am active in several arts organizations in my community and am a former adjunct instructor of computer sciences at MTI College of Business and Technology, an accredited vocational college. I also have taught furniture design and construction, specializing in the Arts & Crafts period of design, am an American Association of Sailing certified sailor, and am a Coast Guard Auxiliary trained inland boatman.